Friday, 6 September 2013

What did you expect?

Quotations and ideas I've found thoughtful from Paul David Tripp's book on marriage:

Marriages are fixed vertically before they are ever fixed horizontally. 

A marriage of love, unity and understanding will flow out of a daily worship of God as creator. It is only when you look at your spouse and see the glory of God's creative artistry that you will treat him/her with the dignity and respect that a healthy marriage requires. 

We can end up criticising the other for choices they did not make. When we celebrate the creator we look at each other with wonder and joy. 

It is only in worship of God in our marriages that we find reason to continue [the marriage]. 

Worship is not primarily what we do, but is rooted in our identity.

No one gives grace as well as a person who recognises they need it as well. 

Where will you find the reasons to continue in those disappointing moments of your marriage when those reasons are most needed? Not in your spouse- they are in the same condition as you. Not in the ease of your circumstances- we still live in a world that is groaning and broken. Not in surface strategies and techniques- your struggles are too deep for that. Your only hope is looking up! 

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