Tuesday, 30 July 2013

We are (broken) teacups!

Welcome to our inaugral 'teacups for jesus' post! (I love that word - not sure if I'm using it correctly but never mind!)
Well, let me just say I love this bit of scripture and it was really the inspiration for the whole blog. Blogging is a great way to share and process how we think and feel and apply great truths to our lives. I have recently been feeling so much like a teacup: NOT a beautiful, dainty expensive fine china special model, noooooo. More like one of those teacups that's leaky and chipped that you would probably just throw away when you finally get round to that spring clean (which reminds me, I must get round to that!). I'm not even good enough to be a 'second' like those gorgeously cheap 'slightly imperfect' cups you might buy from a factory outlet. But God...

God's grace is poured into me in overflowing torrents. He's changing my heart to love and serve Him. I'm really just a cracked and fragile teacup in His mighty hands; I should have been chucked in the bin ages ago. I make mistakes, I don't desire God the way I should, I snap at my loved ones, I'm naturally selfish and want my own way; the more I examine my life the more disheartened I feel about the work I'm really doing for Him. Unlike us, God isn't motivated to keep me by a hoarding nature, or because He sees any natural goodness in us apart from Him - He's the potter and totally able to remake me by His great power, and even to use me in astounding ways (while I'm totally imperfect) to share the gospel and transform the lives of people around me. I see more and more chips and breaks everyday, but our beautiful maker smiles and says 'Yes! you're broken and you can't fix yourself, but you display my fragrant love and light because you are not afraid of your brokenness anymore, you don't need to hide it or pretend to yourself it's not there. Come to me daily, hourly, every moment of every day and I'll fill you with goodness!'

I'm amazed by His love and light - Instead of burning me up as I step with courage into His presence clothed in the gift of Jesus' goodness,  He is filling me with His spirit of love and light. 

I'm constantly blessed by the teacups around me too, I thought I'd mention that! 

Will you join me in being a teacup for His glory?
Are you blessed and perplexed by how amazing it is that God can use you and other teacups to achieve anything good around here? (And by here I mean this side of eternity)
Eternity has begun - let's not forget that - so let's pray that we would meditate on the wonder of our gracious God who has given so much to us and is prepared to involve us in restoring his people to Himself.

For the King's Glory! Be blessed!

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